Výroba forem pro EPP a EPS.

About us

The H&H s.r.o. Company focuses on the manufacture of machinery equipment. Its activities include the production of EPP and EPS molds, manufacture of press tools, CNC machining, and metalworking. Our company was founded in 1992 and soon gained an outstanding reputation among its clients. The company continues to consolidate its position on the market.

Our company possesses a workshop with the most current technology available as well as a professionally equipped workplace with expert technical controls. All stages of the manufacturing process are managed and monitored. We have held TUV certification in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 since 2005.

Our priorities:

  • 1. To continually improve and expand machining technologies in all areas.
  • 2. To carry out quality and professional work, from order processing to the final product control.
  • 3. To observe and keep agreed delivery deadlines.
  • 4. To maintain reasonable prices that correspond to the quality of the work and products.
  • 5. To expand our client base.
  • 6. To immediately react to problems.