Výroba forem pro EPP a EPS.

Machinery production Hradec Králové

The H&H s.r.o. Company constructs and manufactures melds for EPP and EPS, melds for plastic vacuum forms, press tools, and more. We have many years of experience in machinery production. We know that machinery production demands maximum precision and the use of the most modern machining technologies.

The company has introduced a system of production management which oversees the maintenance of high productivity and quality work. All stages of the production process are managed and monitored by an effective system. This, together with minimum overhead costs, guarantees the company's competitiveness which is continually confirmed by its strengthening position on the market.

Meld production

Meld production in our company includes melds for EPP (expanded polypropylene), melds for EPS (polystyrene) for automobiles, building and electrical industry, and forms for vacuum forming of plastic sheeting (plastic containers, chocolate boxes, etc.). All meld production is subject to strict control and satisfies all respective standards.

EPP and EPS melds

EPP and EPS melds are used for pressing expanded polypropylene and polystyrene. The products that EPP and EPS melds create are most often used in automobiles, for example for toolboxes, installing subwoofers, or on bumpers. EPP and EPS melds are also essential in the production of various fillings, transport boxes, and packaging material.

CNC machining

We carry out CNC machining using the most modern technologies on vertical three-axis machining centres with the German brand Hurco. Programs for CNC machining of shape products are created by our experienced team of programmers in the SurfCam program, while CNC machining of simpler products is programmed directly by our setters.

Machinesmith work

We do high quality machinesmith work which reasonably supplements our machine production. Machinesmith work is the last point of the production process that precedes the entire machine production. Preparation of the construction, final assembly of the mould on the press, and assembly is done by our experienced team of machinists and fitters.